Dont Choose Brint

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Lesson 5

       I have a contract with a builder, is that is a guarantee that they will finish the job?

(If you answered “Wrong Again” then you are getting the message)

Brint Construction sent me an email on January 08 2018. This email was from Tim Byrom, owner of Brint Construction, after 13 months of construction, and then 11 additional months of numerous but failed repair attempts of roof leaks, window leaks, a broken and leaking toilet that just had the water line to it shut off, and a leak in the interior water line to the kitchen refrigerator.

The email read in part, “I will no longer send anyone to work on your house. Whatever issues you have with your house, you will have to deal with them without any assistance from Brint Construction”. 

It is my opinion that by this time Brint Construction had just given up on trying to fix our home.


Again I ask, is this the level of service that you would expect from your builder?