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Brief Timeline

Brief Timeline

Jan 2016        We contracted with Brint Construction Inc. to build our home.

Sep 2016        Around September, the roof, walls, and windows are in place, our building is “dried in”.

Nov 2016       Our 1st complaint of rain leaks in the front of the house, Brint attempted repair.

Jan 2017        Our 2nd complaint of rain leaks and visible mold, this time at the rear of the house. Brint attempted repair.

Feb 2017        We moved in to our new home (since our old house had been sold months ago.)

March 2017 thru Jan 2018, we notified Brint Construction numerous times of rain leaks, an interior water line leak, and a broken toilet leak, and Brint made numerous but unsuccessful repair attempts. (We are beginning to get frustrated!!!) CLICK HERE for one of several email chains documenting this.

Jan 2018        Brint Construction sent us an email that read in part “I will no longer send anyone to work on your house. Whatever issues you have with your house, you will have to deal with them without any assistance from Brint Construction”.

Feb –June       We had several more leaks from rain while we tried to find a better contractor, the most recent leak being June 18 2018.

June 2018      Received a Failed Mold Inspection report.

June and July Our new contractor repaired all roof and window leaks and removed all the mold in just 2 months!

Aug 2018       Received a Passed Mold Inspection report. Our home is FINALLY leak free and mold free, a full year and a half AFTER we moved in!


March 2019   We hired an attorney to get reimbursed by Brint Construction for over $46,000 in out-of-pocket repair costs, knowing the lawsuit would be drawn out and costly. Our attorney filed our lawsuit in Jefferson County.

March 2021   Lawsuit was transferred to Galveston County. There were then several more delays. It seems the wheels of justice can turn VERY slowly.

Jan 2023        Our court trial date is ALMOST here. Finally scheduled for March 27 2023. We are SO READY!!!

Jan 2023        Oops, I spoke too soon. We just received a letter dated Dec 28 of 2022 from Brint’s attorney saying basically Brint Construction will file bankruptcy if we go to court and there will be no money left for us.

Jan 2023        Oops again, I just discovered that Brian Byrom started a new business called Brint Land Development, ALL THE WAY BACK in December of 2021. Was this the plan all along? We may never know.

Feb 2023        Brint Construction wanted us to settle our case for $7,000. This was AFTER we spent over $46,000 in repair costs and then over $11,000 in legal expenses.

March 2023We decided rather than take their paltry $7,000, that we would end our suit, and simply try to share our very expensive, very traumatic experiences with you.