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New Update Lesson 7: My home builder operates as an LLC. Surely that provides me, the customer, a bit of protection. Click Here to read.

Brint Construction Review

So, you are getting ready to build your dream home. Don’t let your dream become a long, expensive, and traumatic nightmare!


Tim Byrom and Brian Byrom of Brint Construction built our new home, but they couldn't fix the numerous roof and window leaks, and after 24 months they just quit trying. Their substandard work cost us a LOT of money. (Our new contractor fixed all the leaks and removed the mold in just 2 months.)


How would you feel if (after 13 months of construction) your builder gave you the keys to a leaky and moldy home, and then that builder spent 11 additional months making numerous but unsuccessful repair attempts? What if he then sent you an email that read in part “I will no longer send anyone to work on your house. Whatever issues you have with your house, you will have to deal with them without any assistance from Brint Construction”? And then you had to spend an additional $46,000 for another contractor to repair the leaks and remove the mold. And then your original builder said “If you take me to court, I will just declare bankruptcy”? And what if you then learned that the builder’s sons had ALREADY simply started up a new business under a slightly different name?


All that DID happen to us! But don’t panic, we can help!!! We are sharing some of the lessons we have learned so that hopefully you will never have to answer these questions for yourself.


 If you had been thinking about hiring Brian Byrom of Brint Construction (OR Brian Byrom of Brint Land Development), you must first read our Lesson 1. If you read nothing else on this website, at least read Lesson 1 (click here)


Click Here for “Lessons Learned”, describing some potential traps and pitfalls that we hope to help you avoid. Then will be a “Brief Timeline Page” just to give you a feel for what we had to endure, and we will be adding lots of links to some of the evidence we had submitted during the discovery phase of our lawsuit.

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