Dont Choose Brint

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Lesson 2

  1. If I choose an established builder, I will not have to worry about common and routine construction practices, like adding flashing to the plumbing vent stacks protruding thru the roof, will I?


January 02 2017, (Before we had even moved in) We notified Brint Construction of mold on ceiling over bathrooms at the rear of the house, and a lot of water in the attic. We (the homeowners) found there was no flashing installed on any of the vent stacks. Home was “Dried In” with windows and doors around Sept 2016. Rain had been collecting in attic for several months. (Pictures taken Jan 2017.)

Brint Construction then added the vent stack covers, and replaced a section of the wall and ceiling sheetrock where mold was visible. They left the soaking wet insulation in the attic, and we (the homeowners) had to clean this up.

TIP TO AVOID THIS: Learn as much as you can about building a home, and double-check everything you are told about each stage of construction!

Attic Collecting Rain